XCMG is ranked 65th in the World Brand Lab’s 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2019

With 71.365 billion value


BEIJING, July 1, 2019 – XCMG ranked 65th in the 2019 edition of China’s 500 most valuable brands issued by World Brand Lab on June 26 in Beijing Who has rated. Analysis of financial status, brand strength, and consumer behavior of the brand.

Having raised the brand value by more than 10 billion yuan from last year, XCMG has ranked the highest among Chinese construction machinery brands for six years in a row.

Yang Dongsheng, general manager of XCMG, attended a roundtable discussion centered on global leadership and reshaping Chinese brands during the conference. He noted that brands had become symbols of a country’s overall competitiveness, while XCMG had become an example of post-industrial urban development.

“In building the XCMG brand, our biggest experience is to maximize the value of the cold machinery products so the customers will enjoy using them and develop a win-win relationship with the brand,” said Yang.

Sustainable Development with a Global Vision

XCMG’s brand strategy of creating customized, durable and high-end products that can build a better life for all has enabled the brand to achieve continuous success in both domestic and international markets.In April, 2018, XCMG’s release of a 700-ton hydraulic excavator made it the only Chinese manufacturer and one of the very few in the world to develop and manufacture ultra-large open-pit mining machinery sets.

“XCMG thrives on providing high-quality products that suit our customers’ needs; the designs are inspired by the demands of customers and the market. We continuously evaluate the safety, reliability, comfort, cost and environmental friendliness from the perspective of our customers,” Yang said.

In an interconnected digital age, XCMG is promoting intelligent products and services development based on digitalized program system, to build a global platform and network to monitor products and provide prompt support in real-time.

XCMG currently operates 14 categories of public welfare projects focusing on disaster relief, education, anti-poverty, environment conservation and industrial development. XCMG has allocated 568 large-scale equipment and donated more than 30 million yuan (USD 4.36 million) in 20 major rescue missions worldwide in the past decade. Since 2016, XCMG has been building water cellars in Africa that have benefited thousands of people.


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