Time to Replace Your Mobile Battery :Top 5 Signs

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No electronic products last forever and same is the Mobile phone Batteries! As you charge and discharge your battery, it degrades and over time, you get less battery life from a full charge. Eventually, the battery—or the device—needs to be replaced. Luckily, there are several ways to determine if the cell phone needs a new battery. Let’s start to explore!

1. The Phone is Overheating Quickly:

It is known that the batteries generate heat as they are charged. However, the batteries are optimized to manage the heat and shielding it from becoming noticeable. If it starts becoming too hot to touch your phone even on moderate usage pretty often, it means its time to look for a battery replacement.

2. Lacking of Power:

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a failing cell phone battery comes when the phone simply refuses to work. In this case you will not be able to hear any sounds when you press the keys and the display screen will be dark. Hold down the Power button on your cell phone for a few seconds or even a minute. If there is any life left in the battery, the phone should eventually turn on. If nothing happens, make sure the battery contacts are clean. If the contacts are dirty or dusty, this can disrupt the charging process. If the contacts are clean and holding down the power button for a period of time does not revive the phone, the battery is failing.

3. The Phone is Dead:

This may be an obvious one. Either you accidentally damaged your phone by dropping it or dunking it in water for too long, or the battery is dead. If you’ve eliminated the first, check to see if it shows no sign of power – nothing lights up, no sound. If the phone shows no signs of life after charging with a reliable charger, it’s time to call it: your battery is dead. There is a good chance that the battery may need to be replaced.

4. Checking for a Bulge in the Battery:

It is easy to spot a difference in the battery. Sometimes, when a battery goes bad, the internal cells rupture, and cause a bulge to appear in the battery. You see this when you hold the battery up or see a bulge on the casing. Additionally, a bulge makes it able to spin like a top when placing the battery on a flat surface. If the battery has bulged, you need to take it to the vendor for advice if it has to be replaced. Don’t use the damaged battery as it might cause harm to the circuitry of the phone.

5. Checking on the Battery Life:

You need to diagnose the battery’s health by monitoring how fast the battery level drops. You shouldn’t notice more than two percentage of the battery level instantly. If the battery level drops from full charge to zero in a few hours even while you haven’t used the phone for intense activities, you need to consider replacing the battery.

How To Improve Smart Phone Battery Life :

How to extend the life of the battery on your mobile phone….

To extend the battery life of your phone, follow the instructions below:

1. Turn off Bluetooth when you do not need it;

2. Please turn off scanning, turn off Show wireless LAN availability in the wireless LAN settings when you are not using Wi-Fi; 

3. The brightness of the screen may affect the standby time of the battery. In the display settings, you can change the delay (standby time) and adjust the brightness; 

4. Let applications run in the background increase battery power consumption, please close the application you do not use; 

5. Please disable the vibrate function of your mobile phone, and just use the ringtone to extend the battery life; 

6. Please try not to let apps, pictures, video play in the background. If the battery runs out quickly, even if no function is consumed, the battery may wear out and you must replace it with a new battery.


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