Online borrowers in India mostly use Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO


76% of customers applying for personal loans online in India prefer smartphones of the four mobile phone brands. Samsung is leading with 26% of customers using its devices. It is followed by Vivo (18%), Xiaomi (16%) and OPPO (16%). These figures have been based on the data of more than 156 thousands unique customers of the alternative lending holding Robocash Group in India who used the company’s local lending service this year.

According to the company analysts, there are several factors contributing to these findings. Closely located to India, Chinese and South Korean brands have an extensive cutting-edge product line at an appropriate quality-price ratio. Altogether, it is attracting customers in the age under 35 years who are mostly keen on using technological innovations. This correlates with the data of Robocash Group stating that 77% of its borrowers in India are in the age of 21-35 years.

Remarkably, clients using devices of the “Big Four” represent both the most frequent visitors and the most active applicants of the service. At the same time, there are few iPhone users among the potential borrowers in India. Visiting the least number pages per session (6.1), Apple owners apparently try to be specific as much as possible when applying for financing. It differs them significantly from Acer users acting as far more curious visitors. The latter browse 20.7 pages per session on average. The owners of LeEco and ZTE are catching up with 20.5 and 20.4 pages viewed, respectively.

With regard to an average visit duration, LeEco and Acer also keep leading positions. Customers with Meizu and Cherry Mobile spend the least amount of time on the website.

Commenting on the findings, analysts of Robocash Group have added that overall figures of the TOP 10 mobile phone brands do not differ much. It means that the majority of online borrowers in India act in a similar way.


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