Bharat Biotech
Bharat Biotech Founder (Dr. Krishna Ella) with Rotavac Vaccine

‘Bharat Biotech’ International Limited is one of the leading biotech company in innovation known for its innovation in vaccines, world-class Research and Development units, manufacturing, production and marketing capabilities. The company delivers affordable high-quality vaccines and bio-therapeutics which helps to prevent the diseases. A brainchild from the founders Dr. Krishna Ella (Chairman) and Mrs. Suchitra Ella of the company.  Started in 1996 in 20 acres of land in the Genome valley Asia’s largest hub of biotech industry. It is recognized as one of the top 20 most innovative companies in India by CII. Economic Times awarded for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Special recognition award for Bharat Biotech in field of healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. The Company is enthusiastic in cutting edge research areas which needs medical solutions which can develop serious health problems. Bharat Biotech is known for its quality of several vaccines with 1600 employees has pioneered into the biotech industry in India leading to innovation. There is an enormous investment in significant diseases to create vaccine namely in areas such as–

  • Eco-friendly recombinant Hepatitis-B vaccine (free of cesium chloride and Thiomersal) known as Revac-B
  • Rotavirus vaccine known as ROTAVAC from a naturally attenuated strain
  • Typhoid Conjugate vaccine – Typbar TCV
  • REGEN-D – is a leading product of epidermal growth factor for diabetic foot ulcers and burns in skin and wound healing.
Revac- B (Hepatitis Vaccine)
JENVAC (Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine)

It has an established group of scientists, managers, technicians, laboratory personnel and 300 representatives for marketing who are constantly working for producing the different types of vaccines and bio therapeutics products. 3 billion vaccine doses were already delivered from the company to all over the world. This shows the companies robustness in the healthcare sector. The company is first to develop vaccines for viral diseases Chikungunya and Zika in clinical stages. The company has Biosafety level III facility which is first of its kind in Indian company. The Bharat Biotech Company has its accreditation from WHO, PQ, ANVISA, KFDA, PIC(S). ‘Bharat Biotech’ company has more than 116 global patents which describes the innovative work being carried out in the company. The company’s commitment is in quality which uses biological and biopharmaceuticals using innovative and eco-safe protocols for safety. There is an ambitious vaccine adjuvant programme to make the human body respond to vaccines. Thus, Bharat Biotech Company is pursuing an ambitious Vaccine Adjuvant Programme in which it is collaborating with Dr. Rafi Ahmed Emory Vaccine Centre United States. Apart, than Bharat Biotech it also handles a separate company namely ‘Ella Foundation’ and RCC Pvt Ltd under its management.


Originally Founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1977 but started its journey separately in Indian soil as laboratory in 2005. RCC is pre- clinical contract research organization which offers the preclinical and safety services to meet the needs of worldwide clients with global standards and Quality assurance programs. It is the first OECD GLP certified. It consists of more than 100 employers. The company deals with the regulatory affairs but do not deal with innovation or discovery unlike others. The facility of the company is established in 55,000 sq ft area and constitutes breeding and selling of good quality laboratory animals. There are several species namely mouse, guinea pigs, rabbits, green algae, dapnia, fish, chicken, pigeon, earthworms, honeybee, silkworm, lemma etc. There were ongoing several studies in the RCC which includes acute toxicity studies, clinical chemistry microbiological studies, pathological studies, genetic toxicology studies, clinical trial services, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, local tolerance test, endocrine, cytotoxicity test and also the newly e-fate studies. It also works on pharmaceuticals, medical, agrochemicals, chemicals, cosmetics. Dr. Ravi Krishnan is the head of the test facility management. 


The Directors of Ella Foundation are Krishna Murthy Ella and Suchitra Ella. It is classified as Non-government Company and was an established company founded in 2002. It does basic research, applied research, contract/outsource research. It performs in industry related output viz., H1N1, Ebola vaccine development, assay development, full genome sequencing of vaccine strains, patents (6 in process). In an article in Hindu Paper published in 24th February 2015 the director has said it has started the process to sequence the Indian H1NI virus to ascertain any mutations which has ascertain to identify the virulence of swine flu virus and genotyping it and collecting large numbers of samples from positive swine flu patients. Accordingly, this project previously begun and the process for  preparation of swine flu virus vaccine already undergoing in clinical trials and was thus undergone patenting process by a group of  researcher’s and microbiologists from Ella foundation.

CONCLUSION Biotech industry in India is in developing phase. Although there are several pharmaceutical companies such as Indian Immunologicals Limited, Piramal group, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, there is an emerging trend in development of several biotech companies namely Shantha Biotechnics Ltd, Evolva Biotech Pvt Ltd, Panacea Biotec, Biocon Ltd, Mitra Biotech etc in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector which is a positive paradigm in the healthcare and diagonistic sector. The more startup of several companies will definitely change the scenario of the Biotech industry in India.


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