Smart Phone USB OTG

Generally, we use USB OTG cable for normal data transfer and normal for small work only but with the help of OTG USB cable, we can do some things that are very important in our daily lives. Next we will know the10 Benefits of USB OTG……

1. You Can Charge Android with another

Yes, you can recharge any other mobile through the OTG USB cable given in your mobile, for this, you only need to have a taxable USB cable in your charging pin and another USB cable will be charged in another Smartphone. It will automatically starts charging.

2. Connect a Portable Hard Drive

You can connect any bootable hard drive and other types of Expandable SSD Memory with your phone with the help of USB OTG cable. For this, just one USB OTG between your phone and Expandable storage. It’s really a unique feature in a cable but I suggest u don’t use this feature because hard drive consumes more power.

With the help of USB OTG cable you can turn on USB Light from your mobile. Today, there are many types of USB lights in the market if you need to buy it.

4. Connecting LAN cable

You can surf the Internet in your phone by connecting the LAN cable with the help of USB OTG cable in your phone, for this you will only need a USB LAN adapter and you can surf the internet through your LAN cable.

5. Connect a Game Controller

If you want to experience playing games in the Xbox or PC, now also for your smart phones you can connect game controller with the help of USB OTG cable and very easily with your racing game and also other types of game controller.

6. Connect Keyboard and Mouse

You can connect your Android phone or tablet with any keyboard or mouse with the help of USB OTG cable and enjoy like a laptop or computer.

7. Print Saved Documents in Android Phone

You can print document in your Android phone by connecting it to USB OTG cable. You need to download the print share app in your phone from google play store.

8. Connect a USB Fan

Today, there are many types of photo table USB fan available in the market, with the help of which you can enjoy the air by connecting the phone to your USB OTG cable, whenever you want.

9 Recording Audio with external Microphone

Well if you are on a YouTube and you need any other Mic to record your voice, then you no longer need to take a mic separately because you have to use any other external mic with the help of USB OTG Cable.

10. Card Reader

With the help of USB OTG given in your Smartphone, you can make your phone look like a card reader, for that you will only need a USB OTG cable and you can connect any card reader with your phone.


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